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December 2016

“New year new me” 7 habits for a healthier body and mind year

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This is the time of the year where many of us start measuring their degree of accomplishment for the past months and probably preparing for "the new year new me" kind of resolution, right? So did you have a good year? What's your level of satisfaction in your Career? Do you like your job? Do [...]

Persevere and believe in yourself

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Dris MiĀ | The Body & Mind Coach Perseverance is a quality that many grasps in high value. Developing it requires a deep commitment, a lot of focus, and a strong belief. Great success is not always seen overnight. This end of the year hasn't been easy for me. I have a lot on my [...]

Give and Receive

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Dris Mhammedi | Life Coach Sydney | Personal development Hi, this week's topic is about Giving and Receiving. The holidays are approaching, and everyone is preparing for Christmas. Personally, it has never been a big tradition for me, but I understand its concept and appreciate it coziness. The warmth and the love when you [...]