Dris Mi | The Body & Mind Coach

Perseverance is a quality that many grasps in high value. Developing it requires a deep commitment, a lot of focus, and a strong belief. Great success is not always seen overnight.

This end of the year hasn’t been easy for me. I have a lot on my table, a long To-Do list to go through to reach my goals, and few new opportunities are knocking at my door.

To be able to stay on track until the finish line I have to stay in Focus and Flow. I’d like to think of it as in running a Marathon. When a Marathon runner is close to the finish line, he has to keep a steady rhythm, be aware of how much energy he has left, keep a good pace, and not try to do more than what he can handle. He is aware of his energy level. He doesn’t want to consume it all.

It has been a good long, productive year full of adventures, happiness, discoveries and opportunities. Right now my energy level is lower than usual, and I find it sometimes difficult to get up in the morning and hit my day, but it’s only a few weeks left until the vacation.

It’s easy to tell stories of perseverance and even easier to read them. But to persevere, when you face difficulties, or when you are too tired to keep going – that’s hard. So how does one do it?

Here is what I do weekly to keep myself going:

1: Morning routines
I try to have at least three days per week (it use to be six days/week) of good morning routines starting with meditation and setting the intentions of the day and drinking enough water.

2: Nutrition
I eat as healthy as possible, not too much heavy stuff in the evening, and never skip a meal. I also take vitamins and food supplements.

3: Workout
Training is very important for me. I move three times a week in a group training; I find more motivation in joining a class. I don’t push my body too hard; I aim for maintenance, not development.

4: Productivity
I sit and work with focus 5 to 7 hours per day, and I make sure of not letting any stress come to interfere with my flow.

5: Social life
I try to be social and meet friends frequently, but I also spend the majority of my time by myself. I find it very recharging these days.

6: Fun
I reward myself for my productive week by relaxing, cycling around, and going to the beach. The surf wasn’t so good lately, but I had a very nice session on Sunday morning which was refreshing after two months of abstinence.

I am aiming to finish the year in the best way I could. My goals are clear, and I believe on myself and on the rewarding feeling from reaching my goals.

So believe in what you’re doing, and keep going!

“Victory belongs to the most persevering.” — Napoleon

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