The Body & Mind Coach is led by Coach Dris, a professional mindset and performance coach and consultant with a remarkable multi-cultural rich background. With his extensive experience working with international clients, young professionals, athletes, and corporate organizations in over 22 countries, Dris offers a unique opportunity to learn what it takes to become the best.

Dris’s coaching framework is multidisciplinary, methodical, and practical. Based on a solid psychological foundation, Dris combines techniques from sports psychology, positive psychology, NLP, and social and emotional intelligence.


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Before to start coaching, Coach Dris used to work as an Art Director and project manager in top agencies for more than ten years. He contributed to innovating new business solutions and developing new products for Scandinavian countries.

Dris’s extensive, broad experience across many diverse clients from all over the world has given him rare insights into the factors that lead the best people in success. Coach Dris’s practice is applied based and practical, aiming at helping athletes and driven professionals reach their highest potential.

Dris offers training, workshops, and coaching services to corporate organizations, sports teams, managers, young entrepreneurs, and professional athletes. He specializes in emotional intelligence, workplace wellness, leadership, talent management, athletes development, and career advancement.

“Watching, hearing, and reading your amazing content helps me build a better version of myself.”

Josselyn, Professional Athlete

“Thank you for being you in this world.”

Janenne, Artist

“Excellent coach with a great international experience! I highly recommend him.”

Ali, Plastic Surgeon

“Very well talented and experienced Coach with a direct message and excellent communication skills.”

Saif, Qatar National Bank


Dris’s biggest passion is surfing. He has been practicing from a very young age. His relationship with the ocean taught him a lot. When he was a teenager, the sea became his refuge, his addiction, his reference, and his source of happiness and inspiration. A place where he could contemplate, rest, dream, play, — but most importantly, a beautiful environment where he could learn from mother nature, humility, and patience.

Coach Dris is very athletic and pays close attention to his mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. He leads a healthy lifestyle where he enjoys clean eating, regular fitness habits, and restorative practices like contrast therapy and mindfulness.


Set to empower, inspire, and contribute to the growth and success of ambitious human beings who are on the path of meaningful and purposeful living.


Authenticity, Community, Connection, Freedom, Growth, Health, Kindness, Leadership, Performance, Success.


Dris is in charge of the international development of OneWave, a non-profit surf community tackling mental health issues with a simple recipe… saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro. OneWave is all it takes. Since launching in Bondi in 2013 OneWave has held Fluro Friday events at over 100 beaches worldwide, raising awareness around mental health, reducing stigma and helping people free the funk.


Dris hosts The Mindset and Performance podcast, a show where he deconstructs the habits of high achievers


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At The Body & Mind Coach we strive at serving our clients holistically. Our mission is to help our clients succeed at what they do. We, therefore, provide access to our expert panel when needed.


Wayne is very accomplished in building both new and existing businesses from start-up to large corporate’s. He is known for his inherent ability to manage strategic acquisitions and business development.


Kartika specializes in Hypnotherapy; she holds a degree in psychology. Her focus will be on releasing your old patterns, which will impact your personal and professional performance.


Coach Dris

Coach Dris appeared on Surfertoday.com highlighting his experience coaching a Chinese surf team preparing them for the Olympics.

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