This is the time of the year where many of us start measuring their degree of accomplishment for the past months and probably preparing for “the new year new me” kind of resolution, right?

So did you have a good year?
What’s your level of satisfaction in your Career? Do you like your job?
Do you have better relationships with your friends and family?
What about your physical environment, are you satisfied with it?
Are you happier and doing a lot of fun things?
And how about health?

Many people think that they should only focus on career. They don’t exercise as often as they should, eat quick unhealthy meals, stay up late at night, toughen up with a lot of coffee the day after; a never ending loop that is just getting worse and worse.
Well ok, they go on holidays to relax a bit, maybe spend some cash on retreats which are good, and then go back to the same miserable life.
All sounds good until they start seeing doctors to fix their back or blood circulation problem from sitting all day long in front of a computer, or realize they have anxiety and stress issues.

“The Greatest Wealth is Health”- Virgil.

The most important part of our life is the mental, the emotional and the physical health. Without it, no other parts of our life can reach a good level of satisfaction.

I work on maintaining a good physical health, I eat properly and move daily. I go to bed early and meditation frequently. It’s not a routine, it’s not a habit, it’s a healthy lifestyle that we are talking about here.

The good news is that you can have that lifestyle too; you just need to be patient.

Start a healthier lifestyle:

1- Eat healthily:
There is a ton of blogs out there where you can read and learn about what to eat. No rocket science behind this point.

2: Exercise or move daily
Walk, run, push, lift, just don’t stay still.

3: Get enough hours of sleep
Staying up late at night to finish work: uh uh, not good.
Ok, I got it, sometimes you are more productive at night? That’s because you have no distractions, everyone else is sleeping. Learn to shut down the distractions and to say No.

4: Think Positive
This doesn’t mean to be over doing it. Just try to direct your thoughts to positiveness. There is a positive thing in everything and every situation.

5: Be productive
You might realize that you are staying long hours at work just because you can’t get things done more effectively. There is plenty of methods and books to help you get more productive. More productive means finishing on time means having time for the gym, proper food, and a good early night.

6: Meditate
No joke! If you are not aware of it yet, meditation is the big thing. It is being incorporated in schools and at work. Not only yoga studios.

7: Play
Get out and have fun. Go for adventures, do something fun in the weekend.

The health of your body and mind are your most valuable assets.
It takes about 66 days to build a new habit. Set that as your new year’s resolution.

Planning on having a good and healthy 2017?