Dris Mhammedi | Life coach | The body & Mind Coach

From Gratitude to Happiness

So we all understand the meaning of gratitude on the surface of things, right? But how do we deliberately encompass the emotion of gratitude into all we do?  When life has us filled with stress and anxiety regarding finances, relationship woes or perhaps being stuck in a job we cannot stand? How do we find the time to be thankful?

Would you believe me if I said, by adding gratitude to your daily routine and manifesting the thoughts of gratitude into everyday thoughts and actions, that you will feel infinitely calmer, happier, contented and energised?  By really appreciating and being thankful for what you have, instead of what you don’t have, will create a positive thought stream that will make an enormous difference to how you feel personally. And will in turn positively benefit your relationships too.

Three tips for your gratitude ritual:

  • Meditate for 10mins on waking. Really allow your body to relax, focusing on nothing except for deep, meaningful breaths, setting positive and grateful intentions for the day. Take time to reflect, pushing any negative thoughts out of your mind and settling into only positive, happy thoughts.
  • Keep a gratitude journal, where you write a list of everything you are grateful for in your life. A journal won’t work if you do not really believe what you are writing down. I keep my own journal and before I even begin to put ink to paper, I take a number of deep breaths and prepare myself first. I would suggest writing in your journal approximately 2-3 times a week (but that is a personal preference, so feel what works best for you). If you do only write in your diary a few times a week, I would still recommend referring to your gratitude journey every morning, and repeating to yourself the grateful thoughts in your journal, as a daily mantra.
  • Finally, express your gratitude. Ever heard of the phrase “pay it forward”? It is so important to express gratitude to those around you. Not only do you make another person feel good about themselves, but it will make you feel good to see the difference you make in another person’s life.

These three simple steps will leave you with a sense of accomplishment, happiness, and compassion for others, so before you do anything else, why don’t you begin to pay it forward in gratefulness and love…