The thought of being a visionary may sound like an exclusive quality, but it is specifically what gives modern companies a competitive edge. 

Kim, the founder of Berg & Macher, takes us on a journey through her lens of experience to learn what worked for her company. Berg & Macher is an organization development company whose mission is to create a more motivating environment where team members feel comfortable contributing their creative and innovative ideas. With Kim’s background in communication science and her psychology and company culture expertise, these ingredients combined create a specific recipe for success.

In today’s highly competitive business and constantly changing environment, companies must adapt to become more innovative. Bringing together diverse team members can help introduce different perspectives to problem-solving.

Recruitment is where we begin. Using Kim’s recruitment process as an example, she presents every possible employee with different cases and tasks that can display their agility and core values. It’s all about starting early with building great teams with the same vision and purpose.

Kim suggests giving one space from the hustle and bustle of entrepreneur life to become more creative from an individual level. There is a deception that focus is what generates creativity when in reality, it’s the opposite. 

Relaxing and letting your mind flow freely invites creativity and innovation.

Just like it is essential to brainstorm as a team, it is equally important to have that inner drive to discover problems that will then need a solution. Admittedly, it is a mindset that needs to be tapped into – but inspiration is omnipresent. Exposing yourself to different cultures and ideas and having external guidance can play an essential role in creative development.