Have you ever seen someone doing bungee jumping? Or maybe just a video about it? And have you ever wonder what those people may think before jumping?

I spoke to some of those people and they all told me “you just have to take a leap of faith and then, you go”. 

Many people practise this because they love it. And many of them felt a bit scared the first time they did it. But also, for many, it turned out to be the best thing of their lifes.

“You never know until you try”.

Do we do things we love?

Well, I am not saying you have to do bungee jumping to experience that joy. We are all unique and different and we may like different things.

But, there is something that we all have. We may like one thing better than other thing. Or we may prefer choosing A rather than B. But we all have a great power inside us. It can be similar to others but it is actually unique and it is only ours. And it might take quite a long time to discover it. For some people it might be easier to see it, but for others not. Everything depends on the stage of your life you are at. The human journey is different for each of us.

Do not try to hurry. You are where you are supposed to be. Be open to feel, see, listen, smell and taste.

Sometimes I wonder why we don’t do things that we love more often. In some cases when I thought about it, it turned out to be that I didn’t do it because I felt scared, insecure or unconfident, or maybe I thought I didn’t have the resources. And many others, it was because I was scared to fail, and about what others may think.

There was one time I read something that it was saying “we might have fear to shine”. And if you deeply think about it, maybe you could find a certain sense.

When we dream before sleeping, or when we talk with our friends we imagine many times things we would love to do, to achieve or become. And after that thought or conversation, it turns out to be just something we spoke or thought about, but never tried. Because we end up finding an excuse and steping back.

We use a lot of times the world “but”.

But, what if it turns out to be the best thing of our lifes? Sometimes we think about fails as something negative, and we put that label to them. And if we change our perspective and we see fails as opportunities to learn, then we may be embracing our fear to fail. And to shine.

Did you ever say something to that person you love? Or did you step back?

Maybe you are not scared of receiving a “no” as an answer, but maybe you feel dizzy when you think about how great it could be and you are scared to try because it never happened to you. Maybe our fear is shining. And maybe what we have to do is just taking a leap of faith, and then go.

It is not our darkness, it is our light what we are afraid of. Because in many cases it is a place where we are not used to be, but where we are meant to be.