I don´t know if you heard about how resourcefulness works. But I am sure you may have heard or even said something like “I don’t have the time”, or “I don’t have money”, “I don’t have contacts”

At a certain point, I remember I also said some of those. I heard many times people and friends saying words like these ones. “I want to workout but I don’t have the time to do it”, for example. Or “I want to work but I can’t find a job”.

Sometimes we get caught in our thoughts, and it can happen for a long time. We think about it so much and we end up believing in something we just made up in our minds. We judge our results, trying to change them, and we don’t realize that it is our beliefs where everything starts. 

The superpower of humans

Sometimes when we are looking for a job, for example, we put in our minds “I can’t find it”, and we start to create an emotion within us, making us feel useless, with a lack of power, unconfident and sad. And even sometimes if we stop to analyze from another perspective, we end up discovering that we just sent four resumes and we gave up because none of those replied. And after this we believe that we can’t find it. But it does not work like that.

Circumstances and the environment we are in at a certain moment, play a role on our belief system. But we, as humans, were born with the capacity to adapt. 

Over hundreds of thousands of years, humans have been able to adapt to multiple changes in their environment by genetic change, development adjustments or technological advances, to name a few. Adaptation is part of our human condition.

But we don’t actually look very often at what we have to offer as humans. Instead, we usually look at external factors as the solution.

In a world where there are so many external factors that easily disconnect us, our challenge may be to connect with what we already have and that have been within us since the beginning of our history.

Our ancestors got food and they didn’t have a supermarket in every corner. They survived long and hard winters without heating.

We do have the power to create what we really want, and we can shape and create our direction. But awareness is the first stage of any change. And many times, we fall in the trap of thinking that we can’t do something because we don’t have the resources we need.

We fall in the trap because sometimes when we want something, if we are not in between life or death, we end up getting comfortable and therefore we abandon. Sometimes when we are in between life or death we do whatever it takes to live. We bring our best tools in order to survive and we don’t stop to think we don’t have what we need to survive, because in those situations we can´t lose time. 

According to Einstein, crisis is the greatest blessing for people because it brings progress, as creativity comes from anxiety.

So it is not about the resources, it is about us. It is about working on our minds and understanding that the results we get come from what we think.

Let me tell you something.

You might not need time because you already have creativity to think how you can organize yourself to workout. You might not need experience, because you have passion to master what you love. You might not need money, when you have determination to achieve what you want to achieve. And you might not need contacts to help you get out there, because you have curiosity to be there.

You don’t need that.

Like Tony Robbins says, resources are never the problem, it is a lack of resourcefulness is why you fail. 

“Because the ultimate resources are emotional states. Creativity, decisiveness, passion, honesty, sincerity, love. These are the ultimate human resources and when you engage these resources you can get any other resource on earth. Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource” – Tony Robbins.