To do your best when it counts, it’s essential to develop attributes that help you thrive in pressure moments.

Consider these qualities your “COTE” of armor: Confidence, Optimism, Tenacity, and Enthusiasm.

Confidence is critical to keep you pressing ahead when the going gets tough. As your self-confidence increases, your anxiety reduces, and it becomes easier to perform well under pressure. In fact, several studies have demonstrated that people with higher confidence perform better, work harder, persist longer and even consider themselves smarter and more attractive than their peers.

You can try increasing your own confidence by striking a high-power pose.

Begin by physically opening your body, lifting your arms up, standing straight and pulling your shoulders back. Stand like this for a couple of minutes. This confidence-building posture is enough to lower your stress hormones and boost your testosterone, giving you more courage!

Like confidence, optimism will help you move forward despite pressure.

If you look at things positively and have the right expectations for the future, you’ll be more likely to do things that are uncomfortable now, like taking risks or working hard.

Debra is a young woman who, after a terrible car accident, suffered from multiple fractures and months and months of painful recovery.

Yet Debra was still grateful to be alive each and every day. Her positive attitude was so powerful it gave her the strength to keep working and got her back on her feet.

How can you develop an optimistic attitude?

Try starting your days by appreciating every little thing around you. Things like a cozy bed, fresh air and your loving family. By cherishing the small things, you’ll learn to see the positive side in every situation.

Now that you know about confidence and optimism, it’s time to complete your “COTE” of armor with tenacity and enthusiasm.