little bantam surf trainer elise carver

Elise Carver is the owner and sole surf style trainer of Little Bantam Health and Fitness Studio in Australia.

Through her holistic approach to training and physical education, Elise inspires, encourages and guide those with the ambition to improve their health.

Using a wide range of training & recovery techniques Elise’s surf style program is ideal for improving core strength, flexibility, agility, balance & endurance.

Elise Carver believes that owning a balanced, healthy and active body is what everyone should be aiming for to make the best of themselves.

Our conversation covers all the spectrum. From her beginnings to her amazing success.

Elise walks us through her passion for gardening and growing organic, healthy veggies in her backyard. We speak about her own practices and what helps her unwind after a full, busy day of work.

The lesson I learned from this conversation is that we are all and always asking the same questions. And even though we might never get the answers that we are looking for, true happiness comes from pursuing what we love.

Enjoy the podcast!

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