October 2018

Conversation With Craig Durrant – Living Legend Swimmer

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Craig Durrant is one of the best swimmers and most inspiring and humble people I ever met. During our talk, we discuss how he got into swimming, his pursuit of freedom, his training methods and the life lessons he learned throughout his swimming career. At 58 years old, Craig is a senior swimmer who [...]

Conversation With Boujemaa Guilloul – Professional Windsurfer

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Boujemaa Guilloul is the most famous Moroccan windsurfer in Hawaii. He is a true windsurfing artist and has acquired international recognition. Born in Essaouira in 1984, Boujemaâ Guilloul learned to surf at the age of 12. In 2004, he became a professional windsurfer, and since then he has on tour all over the world. [...]