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Have you ever felt down and lacking motivation? Have you been so low that you have even considered quitting everything? How did you manage to deal with that hopeless feeling? And how did you reignite your motivation and manage to put your life back together?

Last week, a friend of mine reached out. He explained that he was feeling extremely low and had lost his motivation on everything, as his long-term relationship had ended suddenly and dramatically.

As a good friend, I gave him a few tips and advice in order for him to deal with his pain:
I went on to explain the following:

1. Let go:

Stop resisting, and surrender to the fact that the relationship is over. As difficult as it is, it’s important to understand that resisting the flow of healing, is like swimming upstream against a raging current, and all you will do is exhaust yourself physically and emotionally. Let go and accept the truth. You will get over it.

2. Recharge:

Start recharging yourself slowly by moving your body. Exercise even with small physical activities such as walking through a forest or near the ocean or a mountain. Practising yoga and meditation exercises will start making a difference. It is very important that you keep moving. Not only moving your body but moving forward emotionally too.

3. Plan:

Create a new life plan. Think about your short, mid and long-term plan. Creating a new path for your life is a great way to get over the pain from the past, and will give you a boost of energy. You will get excited and motivated for the future. Make sure you cover all the areas of your life: recreation and fun, relationships, personal growth, career, finances, romance, and physical health. Work toward a new “YOU” and start rebuilding your own self-esteem.

Experiencing a loss doesn’t mean your life is over…

As a professional life coach, I work with many clients who have been through a lot. They feel stuck and lack the self-motivation and willingness to move on. We have all had those dark times, where we feel there is no escape or that we will never find happiness again, but when those dark days appear, it is important to have tools in place to move forward with ease, without forcing things.

We can overcome anything. We just need to make peace with the past, accept the present, and start building the future.