Everyone these days talks about wanting a healthy lifestyle. But what is it specifically that makes a lifestyle a healthy one?

I believe there are six pillars to a healthier lifestyle. In fact, these are also the main key component of a high performing body and mind.

Entertaining a healthy lifestyle requires being disciplined, engaged, and committed to wanting the best of your body and mind. Being able to sustain a healthy lifestyle means also knowing how to say no, and setting healthy boundaries around yourself.

Without further due, here are the six pillars of a healthier lifestyle.

The 6 Pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Eat well

There is no healthy living without healthy eating. Avoid processed food, including carbohydrates that are man-maid. Eat more whole foods. Drink a lot of water and supplement regularly. 

2. Sleep well

Sleeping well starts with going to bed early. Make sure you go to bed earlier than usual at least three times per week. You can gradually increase the number of days where you go to bed earlier. Turn off all sources of stimulations at least 2 hours before bedtime, and check my article about the benefits of waking up early here.

3. Laugh well

How often do you have a good laugh? It’s easy to forget about this major pillar as we get sucked into the busyness of life. Good laughter will release the right hormones for a healthier body and mind. Schedule good times weekly.

4. Move well

No rocket science here. Mobility, Cardio, and Strength are the fundamentals of a healthy body. Your lifestyle should include regular exercise time throughout the week.

5. Learn well

Keep learning as you go. Feeding your mind regularly with books, podcasts, and articles keep you young, strong, and knowledgeable. Make sure you include a few hours of reading each week. The ultimate goal of this key pillar is to develop a healthy growth mindset. I personally love shooting audiobooks and book summaries when I am commuting. 

6. Connect well

Invest in your social life. Connect with like-minded people. Be proactive and engaged with old and new friends. Set challenges in meeting new people. Smile back when someone smiles at you. Enter every conversation as if something good will come from it.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy if you work on each one of its key pillars, one bit at the time. No need to do radical changes. Gradual improvements and setting up new habits are the key to a long-lasting, healthier lifestyle.

  • Eat Well
  • Sleep Well
  • Move Well
  • Laugh Well
  • Learn Well
  • Connect Well