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October 2020

Claire and Victoria in Supporting Female Entrepreneurs

By |2020-10-27T14:18:38+01:00October 16th, 2020|

This week’s podcast is with Claire and Victoria, the two founders of Businettes. They are helping aspiring female entrepreneurs build their own businesses. Their vision is to develop a fully automated platform to empower as many fempreneurs as possible. At the moment they are offering a semi-digital founders training with the option to book [...]

April 2020

How To Hack The Crisis With Daniel Cronin

By |2020-10-18T22:50:00+02:00April 4th, 2020|

How To Hack The Crisis With Daniel Cronin, entrepreneur, lecturer, presenter, and keynote speaker. He is the Co-Founder of the full-service app-agency allaboutapps, a joint venture of i5invest and runtastic, Co-Founder and Member of the Board of AustrianStartups (a non-profit to strengthen the entrepreneurial eco-system) and Co-Founder and partner of the Vienna Mentoring Group [...]

January 2020

How to Take Care of Yourself as an Entrepreneur

By |2020-01-05T00:11:05+01:00January 20th, 2020|

I have been an entrepreneur for about six years now, and if there is one thing that tremendously helped me advance in my career, it’s self-care. I think of my mind and body as the fuel and vehicle to my career performance. Without proper self-care, I don’t think I’d be able to accomplish a [...]

Entrepreneurship & Personal Growth With Hicham, Founder of UserGuest

By |2020-10-18T22:50:16+02:00January 6th, 2020|

Entrepreneurship can be exciting, yet quite challenging if you don't have the right systems to navigate through its ups and downs. During this podcast interview, Hicham Benyebdri tells us about his experience and how he moved from a safe and secure career to becoming an entrepreneur and how that impacted his personal and professional [...]