This week’s podcast is with Claire and Victoria, the two founders of Businettes. They are helping aspiring female entrepreneurs build their own businesses. Their vision is to develop a fully automated platform to empower as many fempreneurs as possible. At the moment they are offering a semi-digital founders training with the option to book personal coaching sessions.

The two founders like to follow a purpose and they believe in the freedom of the entrepreneur’s lifestyle. They love to hear about innovative business ideas and to work closely with ambitious women and helping them reach their full potential. I have enjoyed our conversation, both Claire and Victoria have great energy and are super interesting to talk to.

The Challenge & The Solution

Women running a business is still behind compared to how many men are operating their business. The problem is in education where young girls are being told that this kind of career is for men, rather than for women. Claire and Victoria are there to shift this limiting belief and lead by example, showing other women that is all possible, and that they are all capable of not only running a business but thriving at it.

Show Notes

Businettes are promoting their founder’s training and offer 15% off to all your listeners with the promocode 15Dris-Businettes