Success isn’t about achieving goals; it’s about forming systems. So what does it mean to focus on systems?

Find real success in systems

Well, one thing it means is working on building small habits, that may seem unuseful or non-relevant to the objectives that you have – but only to those who can’t see the bigger picture.

For instance, if you would like to run a marathon, you might start by changing your morning routines and waking up early. You can then create more time in your day to train for the marathon.

From the outside, such a habit might appear to be irrelevant or unnecessary. But, in reality, you’re building a new habit that could impact the way you behave and approach your practice.

The point is that athletes tend to focus on short-term goals, like winning a contest. If such goals can’t be attained within a given time frame, they tend to give up, decide that they’re not cut out to be successful athletes and let go of their dreams in sports.

Actionable advice:

Focus on the skills that you want to develop over time and use the goals as an aim or the direction.