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This Week’s podcast interview is with Othmane Choufani a Moroccan Big Wave Surfer. Othmane is only 26 years old but has already a of great experiences surfing and traveling all around the world.

During this interview, Othmane shares with us the story of his relationship with surfing. His journey started at a very young age in the city of Agadir, which is considered the capital of surfing in North Africa. Othmane’s teenage years were full of adventures around the small town of Taghazout, where he grew up looking up and learning from his peers.

Othmane started surfing at the age of 9 years old in Morocco; then he moved to France when he was 15 years old to train with Philippe Malvaux and Michel Plateau at the “pôle France surf.” He quite competitive contest surfing when he was 18 yo and started traveling the world looking for big waves. He spends most of his time between Morocco, Europe, Mexico, Indonesia, California, and Hawaii.

The ‘charger’ has been challenging big waves since a very young age. He is considered to be a pioneer in this surf category. Othman is the first Moroccan surfer that started exploring the massive swells in Morocco and all around the world.

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In this conversation, you can learn that talent doesn’t mean much if you don’t put the necessary work to get better. Othmane also tells us about his training drills and how he combines, physical and mental preparation for dealing with pressure and challenging situations.

‘Hotman’ earned his nickname because of his warm loving and bubbly personality. He is a very passionate person, and you can clearly hear that from the sound of this discussion.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Othmane, and feel free to share your comments and questions.

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