You may have the motivation, but you just don’t have enough energy to perform at your best throughout the day. It’s frustrating when you’re always tired or when you often fall asleep in the middle of an important task no matter how much willpower you try to muster. If you’re tired all the time, and you can no longer focus, you need tactics to get more energy.

What Steals Your Energy

There are many reasons why you don’t feel as alert and alive as you’d like to be. Lack of sleep, lack of exercise, crash diets, constant stress, and even winter can cause you to feel sluggish. Fatigue may also be a cause of mental and physical illness, so it’s also important to have these ruled out by a healthcare professional. But when medical conditions aren’t the cause of your lack of energy, there are steps you can take to increase your energy levels naturally.

How to Improve Your Energy

1 Wake up early

People are more productive in the morning. Our minds and bodies are well-rested in the morning, and there are fewer distractions, too. This is why you can accomplish more when you wake up early.

2 Do intermittent fasting

With intermittent fasting, you alternate between periods of fasting and eating. It helps keep blood sugar stable, so you don’t experience sugar crashes that drain your energy. It’s also great for weight loss.

3 Cut the carbs during lunch

Meals that are heavy in carbs cause your blood sugar to spike rapidly, which may give you a temporary rush of energy. Unfortunately, your energy level will drop as fast as it went up after eating high-carb foods. Load up on greens and lean protein instead. Replace refined carbs with whole grains like quinoa and sweet potato.

4 Drink green tea

Green tea has a small amount of caffeine that boosts energy, but not too strong to cause jitters like coffee. Caffeine improves mood, brain function, and memory. Limit coffee consumption and avoid energy drinks. The high levels of caffeine can make you anxious and disturb your sleep.

5 Minimize distractions

Distractions are energy stealers. Don’t let distractions take away the energy that you need for your priorities.

6 Exercise

Exercise may feel like a chore to those who are not active, but it increases your energy as it improves blood circulation and overall fitness. Running, low-intensity walking, yoga, and strength-training are simple exercises that can fight off fatigue—exercise for 30 minutes, five times a week.


There are steps you can take to increase your energy levels naturally.

  • Wake up early.
  • Do intermittent fasting.
  • Cut the carbs during lunch.
  • Drink green tea.
  • Minimize distractions.
  • Exercise.