In December 2017, I was invited to give a two-day Mindset and Performance Workshop and Training to more than 50 employees of the Qatar National Bank (QNB), the biggest bank in Qatar and the largest financial institution in the Middle East and Africa.

It was truly an amazing experience as I was able to work with a diverse team of people from Qatar, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, UK, and Saudi Arabia. They were of different ages and experience levels.

Openness to growth

The success of any workshop depends not only on the expertise of the instructor but more importantly, on the participants’ desire to learn and level of participation. My recent workshop at QNB was a success because of the team’s openness to learning and willingness to share their ideas, too.

The level of engagement was great. All participants expressed their desire to learn by asking questions, sharing their own experiences, and contributing their ideas. These factors can make any workshop a great learning experience for everyone, including the instructor like me.

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Personalized Approach

The way I do my workshops is I speak the language of the participants to better connect with them. I make it personal and less technical. For example, I’d start by telling them a little about my personal story and how I was stuck in life and then moved to a balanced lifestyle and what helped me reach this point.

While the attendees were used to receive technical or skills training, they received this self-development workshop positively because it was highly relatable and the topics discussed were universal to personal growth. We talked about topics that are essential to career and personal success, no matter what stage you are in.

They learned the importance of having a growth mindset and how to develop it. They were also given tools and step-by-step mental strategies to achieve anything in personal and professional life.

The workshop included topics like:

• Growth mindset
• Life satisfaction level assessment
• The guiding principles of human behaviour
• Life needs and values
• Belief system
• Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) goal-setting
• The importance of developing high emotional intelligence.

The workshop included visual presentations and exercises. The Exercises were done individually or in pairs to encourage interaction.

Perhaps the most memorable part of the workshop for me was when the heads of the organization decided to participate in the second day after hearing about the success of the first day. Some of the participant performances were astonishing when they volunteered for exercises. A lot of new insights and gaining in clarity and changing of beliefs in one day. Imagine what coaching can do in weeks, months, or a year.

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What You Can Learn from the Mindset and Performance Workshop

The Mindset and Performance Workshop is a four-part workshop that talks about the guiding principles of human behaviour, goal-setting, and emotional intelligence. Employees will learn how to assess their life satisfaction, discover values that drive their decisions, and gain clarity and self-awareness. They will also be equipped with strategies for setting goals and managing emotions in business and life. They are guided to transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs and winning patterns.

For businesses, this workshop will result in an increase in employee productivity, retention of valued employees, higher employee morale, improved communication, and better performance overall.

I recommend this workshop to schools, corporate, and private and public organizations who want to empower their people and set the organization on the path to success.

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