There are tones of articles and blog posts out there about the benefits of morning routines. Morning routines are like a warm-up for your day. What you do in the early hours of your day can set the tone of how your day will look like, how productive you can be, or how non-productive you will be.

How many of you pick up the phone to check their emails and social media messages as the first thing when they open their eyes? We are all guilty of it sometimes, aren’t we? And we all also know how unhealthy are these habits, setting us to be stress and anxious about our todos, and restlessly running through the day.

The solution to a perfect morning routine is the 3 Ms:
. Movement
. Mindfulness
. Mindset

Whether it’s a 5 or 50 min practice, having a practice where you combine the 3 Ms will not only set your day right but also create a long-lasting change in your life.

The 3 Ms of a Perfect Morning Routine


This is where I usually start. A few stretches here, others there, there is no better way to start the morning, shaking all the sleeping stiffness and waking up your body in a healthy way, before rushing out of the door to commuting or sitting all day long in the office.


Start your day with a mindfulness practice. Whether it is a breathwork practice or a short meditation session, mindfulness exercises can boost your focus and lower your stress or anxiety levels. You will be able to approach your day’s tasks and social interaction with more grounding and calm. Meditation can also help you become more productive, and breathwork benefits are immense in the long run.


Feed your mind with the right things. Listen to a podcast, an audiobook, read a bit, recite your favorite mantras, or write new ones. There is no better way to create a healthy life than setting the tone for your thoughts to be positive, optimistic, and clear.


The best morning routines are the ones where you combine movement, learning, and mindfulness practices.

  • Move well
  • Think well
  • Meditate well