Dris Mi – Interview – Moving Mental Mountains

Dris Mi – Interview – Moving Mental Mountains

Moving Mental Mountains interview with Tirzah from campgoldenpine.com.

Very few people climb the steep path to the summit. Not because it’s impossible, but because it’s uncomfortable, hard and you get a little dirty on the way. Living in your comfort zone is easy and safe.

In case you missed it, here is the replay of my interview where a participated with 30 other incredible entrepreneurs in the Moving Mental Mountains Summit.
I am telling my story, and demonstrating how you can also shift your point of view, step out of your fear and climb through mental barriers that stop you from living a bold and intentional life.

About Dris Mi:

Health-conscious surfer and yogi. Ocean and nature lover, and most importantly a dedicated and certified Mindset Coach. I offer my services to young, healthy and ambitious individuals who would like to perform better both in their personal and professional lives.

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About the Author:

Dris has an extended experience working with international clients, athletes, professionals, and corporate organizations in over 18 countries. With a remarkable multi-cultural rich background Dris offers a unique opportunity to learn what it takes to become the best. He works on a wide range of areas from training to nutrition but focuses mainly on the mindset, as it is the key to everything else. Dris's coaching framework is scientifically based on a solid foundation combining techniques from sports psychology, positive psychology, NLP, and emotional intelligence.