Every organisation at some point will look to hire life coaches for their employees to boost productivity, to mentor and train their teams. The question is whether to build an internal coaching infrastructure, or whether to hire an external life coach. CEO’s will need to make decisions as to whether there are minor changes in their business that needs attention, that could be internally focused or whether there is a much more complex issue that requires an external coach who can dedicate 100% of their time to find solutions that are best for the organisation.

So why are external life coaches more influential than internal coaches?

1. Independent:

External coaches are independent. Employees build trust a lot quicker with an external coach. Internal coaches are hired by the business and work alongside co-workers every day. This can lead to trust issues between management and employees, and they, therefore, do not have as much clout as an independent coach.

2. Confidentiality:

Using an external coach will guarantee full confidentiality. This is because they focused on the matter at hand. Are you really comfortable sharing your fears and challenges with an internal coach? Internal coaches work closely with HR and although HR are trained to deal with matters confidentially, they can unwittingly discuss sensitive matters with co-workers.

3. Focused Coaching:

Internal coaches have other projects, responsibilities, deadlines and targets to deal with besides coaching. And this could mean that they are distracted, unfocused and short of time. External coaches are dedicated and focused on the project at hand with no distractions.

 4. Expertise:

External certified life coaches are experts in organisational and personal development. Their primary focus is to transform business structures working closely with employees to achieve their own personal goals. Internal coaches may have inadequate coaching knowledge or capacity to address certain issues. 

 5. Proven track record:

External coaches often have a reputable track record of success. Internal coaches may not. And an Internal coach might not be as exposed to relevant industry knowledge where’s the external coach is.

Success within a business starts with its employees, their happiness, their success, their motivation. Ultimately an independent certified life coach will be focused and dedicated without prejudice or bias.  This will ensure your employees are more self-reliant, confident and goal orientated, which will only reap benefits for your business. The investment you make using an external coach will be a guaranteed future savings for your business. Savings that will definitely pay off.

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