To achieve mastery, you need to find your own, unique inner calling; use the help of a coach; and develop a growth mindset. Studying other athlete’s success can give valuable insight into what you would like to improve.

Who can achieve mastery?

  • You don’t need inborn talent to become a master; just follow the steps of masters before you.
  • Each of us has an inner calling which guides us towards our vocation in life and in sports – a discipline or field that we wish to master.

What constitutes a good apprenticeship?

  • Your primary goal in a new field should not be immediate success or money, but to learn as much as possible.
  • The best way to learn a discipline or skill is to have a coach who shows you the way.

How can masterful, creative thinking be achieved?

  • Once you complete your apprenticeship, you must take action and challenge the very skills you learned before.
  • You can reach optimal performance by broadening and training your mind.

What exactly is Mastery?

  • Mastery: practice a skill until it’s automatic, so your mind and body act as one, freeing you to focus on the bigger picture.