This 5-day Mindset coaching retreat in Bali is designed to help you radically expand your horizons, break through your limits, and kickstart a life of health, happiness, and success. We’ll work one-on-one using expert techniques that address your mental, physical, and spiritual state. Experience a total transformation in a tropical paradise.


The Stretch offers a private, five-day, tailor-made Coaching retreat that combines theoretical guidance with physical activity. Radically expand your horizons and create a focused plan for your future. Whether reinventing your personal life or professional career, expect to dive deep into your interests, your patterns of behaviour, your sources of frustration, and your purpose in the world. You’ll be expertly guided to use the insights you gain as pointers towards a new path.

Touchdown on the stunning island of Bali, an ideal setting for your journey of personal growth. Start each day with a warm-up for your body and mind, with a series of physical activities like Yoga, surfing, meditation, or a workout on the beach. After a healthy breakfast, begin your Coaching sessions. We’ll examine your big life questions through conversations, images, mapping, and other proven techniques. By lunchtime, you’ll be at the beach walking to digest and reflect on the new insights you’ve gained in the morning’s session, or enjoying a relaxing massage or spa treatment. Over five days you’ll gradually gain clarity and focus, creating a concrete plan of action for lasting change.


The Stretch uses a coaching framework that cuts through limiting beliefs and helps temper your inner critic, usually resistant to any significant change. We’ll let go of negative habits that are no longer serving you and adopt healthy new ones that will lead you on a path to success. Whatever aspect of life you choose to focus on (e.g. relationships, health, money, work), we’ll put it into a greater context, painting the bigger picture of your life.

You’ll be encouraged to stretch beyond your ‘comfort zone’, rediscover your passions, and articulate your needs in the pursuit of a singular distilled goal (the ‘what’). We’ll then work on the ‘how’ unleashing practical techniques to overcome obstacles and help you create the life you seek. Using methods that create space for insight and growth, you’ll rekindle your confidence directly at the source and create a clear vision for the future.

The Stretch is the beginning of your journey, not the end, so after five days, though your time in Bali will be over, you’ll just be getting started on the path to your new life. You’ll head home equipped with the tools you need to continue to grow, explore, and deal with any challenges that come up. You’ll even learn how to share your experience with others, enlisting them to help keep you accountable and committed when you return to your daily life.


The Stretch is ideal for anyone looking to break through their limits and make a significant change in their life. Executives, entrepreneurs, business owners – anyone feeling stuck, stressed and looking to reach their maximum potential.


The schedule changes slightly from day to day, but each day’s agenda will be similar to the following:

  • 7 am early morning Surf
  • 9 am healthy breakfast
  • Coaching sessions begins over breakfast
  • 12.00 end of the coaching session
  • Afternoon at leisure/homework
  • 2.45 pm yoga class


  • 10 Hours coaching

  • 5 Surf sessions

  • 4 Yoga classes

  • 1 Breakfast

  • Airport transfer


  • Gain confidence and self-awareness

  • Remove limitations and obstacles

  • Calm your body and mind with yoga

  • Overcome fears and traumatic emotional events

  • Gain clarity about your mission and purpose

  • Learn new techniques to manage your life

  • Find-out how to deal with anxiety and stress

  • Become more productive and pro-active

  • Surf and discover new surf spots

  • Become more resourceful and able to access positive emotional state

FROM $1,289USD


The price is inclusive of 10 hours of one-on-one Mindset Coaching, 4 Holistic Yoga classes, 5 Surf lessons, 1 breakfast.



During more than 10 hours of coaching sessions, we will create the space where you can explore your passion and build a strong foundation for radical change. We’ll use proven exercises and techniques to reveal your values, key personality traits, and limiting beliefs. We’ll identify your deepest worries and expose the underlying fears hindering your success. By bringing these to light you’ll find a sense of purpose and a true vision, bringing new meaning to every day.


Our approach to yoga is that there is no “one size fits all”. We all have different bodies, health issues, lifestyles and stressors. We live in different environments, have different jobs and our life circumstances are not the same.

Someone who is stressed and anxious might need a more calming yoga practice. On the other hand, a person that feels sluggish and has weight issues would benefit from a more energising and dynamic yoga. Working holistically means that I look at the person as a whole in order to offer an individualised yoga practice tailored to my clients’ specific needs.

In order to get clear about your specific needs and the results you want to achieve with your life, we will first look at your body type (or “dosha” in Ayurveda), the state of mind and health, your current life situation and personal issues you might struggle with.

We will then create a customised yoga practice for you, which always includes a breathing technique and meditation that complements the yoga poses. We will also consult you regarding possible lifestyle changes you might want to make in order to bring even more balance to your life. These include nutritional recommendations, Ayurvedic practices, meditation and breathing techniques, morning and nighttime routines, productivity tips and more.

Read more about our Holistic Yoga teacher


Surfers spend hours of practice, focus, motivation and resilience to learn how to ride waves, and these are the skills you need to achieve anything in life. Just like many other athletes, Surfers used the same methodology to achieve excellent results.

Surfing isn’t just a physical act, it’s an act of meditation. It’s about letting go, embracing the swell, and riding the wave. The lessons we learn from surfing applies as much on land as it in the ocean. Every session is a life lesson. Bali offers some of the world’s greatest waves, and whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting up on the board for the first time, we’ll have a great time in the water. You’ll head out with a certified surf instructor who will teach you the basics of safety and technique on land before you catch your first wave in the warm waters of Canggu.


Charming cafes dot the quiet streets of Canggu, offering a range of delicious foods. Enjoy healthy breakfast bowls bursting with fresh fruit, colourful salads full of local produce, a plentiful coffee culture, exotic elixirs, richly spiced meat, seafood, and veggie dishes, and everything in between. Food plays a central role in the retreat – a healthy body feeds a healthy mind. What we eat will be fresh and plentiful. Vegan and vegetarian options are easy to come by and will reinvigorate the foodie inside all of us.


Located on Bali’s calm western coast, Canggu is a cultural hub for international travellers that come together for their shared passions: nature, surf, yoga, and delicious food. Canggu offers a serene counterpart to the more hectic and bustling parts of Bali, and you’ll feel an instant tranquility as the tropical air settles around you. The area spans three different beaches, each offering their own unique energy and equally spectacular sunsets. Aside from the perfect swell and relaxed smiles, Canggu is arguably most famous for its booming variety of local and international cuisines.

  • We don’t provide accommodation but we will gladly give you a couple of options to choose from.
  • Our retreats are private and individual, but we also host small group retreats.
  • We mainly focus on coaching and physical activities. We do our best to facilitate your stay and make it as convenient as possible.
  • The meals are not included in order to leave you the choice amongst so many healthy cafes and restaurants around Canggu. You will want to try them all 🙂
  • The retreat is customizable. If you would like to include spa treatments in one of your free afternoons (and after your coaching homework) we can help you with that.


Dris has a light touch and an easygoing manner but is ruthlessly focused on helping you discover and inhabit the life you want. His coaching offered discovery, structured techniques and lots of inspiration. I reconnected with pieces of myself, pieces that were hidden caused disempowering beliefs. The discovery and awareness really helped me to define empowering beliefs and to set and align goals with my core values.

Dris gave me the courage to break my own old patterns. Post-coaching, I feel braver and more confident in my ability to follow through on my intentions. These discoveries and the awareness of them has already brought value to my life and how I choose to move forward.

I had the 5-day retreat with Dris. He is the perfect coach for me: Calm, focused, structured. It is clear from the very first meeting that he has a genuine interest to take you and your business to reach the highest potential. He has a straightforward communication which I appreciated. He shared loads of information, inspiration and experience on how to move on with my business.

My experience was very intense as Dris is extremely ambitious and takes the time to get to know you deeply. His retreat deal is value for money without a doubt. I would definitely recommend anyone struggling in life or in their career to have Dris as their coach.

Dris gave me the courage to break my own old patterns. Post-coaching, I feel braver and more confident in my ability to follow through on my intentions. These discoveries and the awareness of them has already brought value to my life and how I choose to move forward.

Louise Edwinson, Coach

I joined Dris for the 5-day retreat. For me, it was quite a big step, in every single way. Never been surfing before, never did yoga & even thinking about talking about my childhood and feelings felt even harder. I came to Bali with both physical and mental difficulties. Dris helped me first of all by making my stay in Bali from the start an amazing experience!

He seemed to be a perfect match to what I was looking for, straightforward communication, empowering, inspirational and he gave me the feeling of knowing each other for years.

He made me reconsider my beliefs and values, and how these are affecting both my personal life as my business. He empowered me to talk about feelings, about hidden frustrations, and about hidden beliefs. He showed me how to reach my goals, in a perfect compromise between confronting questions and accepting me as a person.

The retreat was a life-changing decision. Both physical, due to disciplined stretching, as mentally, due to the many eye-openers and handles he offered me, my life has changed enormously positive in line with my core values.

Jeroen Breekpot, Co-Founder at Bloqhouse

I just spent 5 incredible days on the beautiful island of Bali for the intensive “Stretch” coaching retreat with Coach Dris. It was everything I had imagined…and more. I highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking out clarity and a reinvention of your career and life path. Having the 1:1 time with Dris was enlightening, empowering, and his methods really help you tap into areas of yourself you probably knew existed, but not quite sure how to unleash it. I laughed …I cried….and I left paradise with a whole new set of tools to harness my goals.
Can’t thank Dris enough for his soulful and compassionate insights!

Rochelle A. Santiago, Senior Manager at Salesforce

I was a client of Dris on a 5 day mindset coaching course in August 2018. We shared interesting conversations on personality, belief systems, neuroplasticity and many more! He helped me to define my purpose, reflect on my values and beliefs and visualize the steps I can take to achieve my goal. It was interesting and worthwhile to explore these topics from a different perspective (coach rather than a psychologist), which was enlightening. I now have concrete steps I can take as I return to the “real world” to make my goal a reality. Thanks, Dris!