Confidence and optimism are great for getting you moving when things get tough, but to keep moving forward despite constant pressure, you’ll also need tenacity.

Tenacity comes into play when there is a goal for which you want to strive.

Because when you’re working to achieve something you want, you’ll put up with challenges and frustrations you’d never otherwise tolerate.

For example, say you’re scared of speaking in public, but want to inspire your classmates to care about animal rights. You’d likely be willing to stomach the fear of delivering a speech that would make them all give up their ham sandwiches!

Tenacity can get you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise think yourself capable, but enthusiasm will help you stay passionate and creative in spite of the pressure.

Enthusiasm gives you the energy to keep working and doing your best. It can be like a virus in that it is quickly catching, positively affecting those around you.

Even in situations where pressure has almost killed your creativity, enthusiasm can kick it back into gear!

For instance, when under pressure to produce results, it’s common to narrow your scope and work toward any solution. But if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’re likely to broaden your mind in search of something truly original.

So the next time you face a high-pressure moment, such as playing an important game, be sure to act enthusiastically so you will feel enthusiastic. If you need an enthusiasm boost try laughing, recall a positive memory or practice your pregame drills.