One of my Greatest admirations and inspirations is Laird Hamilton.

Laird Hamilton is considered the greatest big wave surfers of all-time. We have both been huge admires of what he does and what Laird stands for. We have both really wanted to talk with him for while now and Really dig into and look at what the ocean represents, engaging it and preparing yourself physically and emotionally and preparing your heart to get on and ride it and what you learn from that.
Check out this podcast episode about him.
  • What drew Laird to the ocean
  • Connection with the water
  • Transnational properties to water.
  • What the ocean represented in ancient times
  • Blue mind
  • Healing mind and body
  • State of meditation
  • Flow state
  • Experience feelings of awe to connection to something beyond oneself
  • Connecting to something greater than ourselves
  • Ridding the biggest waves in the world
  • Fear, what is his relationship with fear and how to stop it from overcoming you
  • Difference between fear and been scared
  • How does Laird prepare himself physically and emotionally and how does he prepare his heart to get on and ride it
  • Conquering the wave or were you conquering yourself?
  • Visualization
  • Why he never competed professionally
  • Live in the present moment
  • Biggest lesson surfing has ever taught him about life?
  • How to engage in life, how does somebody look at throwing caution to the wind and live life as an adventure.