Mindset Coach Testimonials10

Laura | Australia

Director at 3D Recruit

Dris responded to exactly what was needed in the order that it was needed, and in a way that made me feel completely comfortable and safe. I was able to be open with Dris quickly and had no fear of being judged. His levels of compassion and care are high, and I trusted I was in safe hands. Dris really wants to understand his clients, and is able to see your holistic self and the bigger picture. He also has a calming and grounding nature making him very easy to be around and open up to.

Dris has a clear method and strategy. It is evident he loves what he does, he really cares about his client’s development, and he is absolutely true to his own core values. He lives and breathes them, and I found that very inspiring. It made me want to learn from him. Dris will invest in supporting you to achieve what you want to… as long as you put in the work too.

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Stephanie | United States

Design Director

I reached out to Dris when I found myself in a difficult place both personally and professionally. I was putting so much energy into both, yet nothing seemed to be moving forward. I asked Dris if he could help me dissect the issue, to help me get to the root cause.

Through his thorough, balanced and insightful observation, he leads me to gain clear awareness of my current situation, define my goals and truly set me on a transformative path. He laid out the tools I needed to rediscover the confidence within myself to achieve my goals.

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Gio | Italy


I was intrigued by the idea of speaking to a coach. Dris came at the right time in my life. We began with an intense path of self-discovery.Dris was able to assess my life and career situation in a clear and linear way. I was impressed by his constructive attitude toward the different issues that came up within the process. The tangled and confused mass of thoughts, ideas, messy plans, and fears I had in my head, untangled and became clear, organized, vivid and much simpler to observe and approach.

Dris helped me to gain back my confidence, giving me all the necessary tools to put myself back on the right track with energy and motivation. I am amazed to see how much he was able to do in such a short time. Thank you Dris, I could not have done this without your help!

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Hasina | United Kingdom

Fashion Designer

Dris has always struck me is his intelligent outlook on life, his open-mindedness, and his drive to constantly grow and create a meaningful life for himself. So when I found myself going through a rough time both professionally and personally, he was the first person I thought about to help me make sense of my difficult situation and hopefully find solutions.

I knew he was qualified as Mindset Coach and that those particular skills would help, but what I was looking for was an authentic and honest conversation with a friend. Very naturally, he created an exchange where I felt safe to be vulnerable and share some of my deepest worries, without fear of judgment. All the while, without me, noticing, but with a clear methodology, he was asking specific questions that helped to identify, not only the challenges I was going through but more importantly, the reasons why they affected me so much. I gained a better understanding of how different areas of life – from relationships to work, health, and environment – have an impact and how working on one can rebalance the others. That afternoon, I went from feeling completely stuck to seeing a path and concrete steps to make improvements in my life. It is exciting to see how in such a short time I feel re-energised and ready to move forward. I’m very grateful for Dris’ help!