“Dris has a clear method and strategy. It is evident he loves what he does, he really cares about his client’s development, and he is absolutely true to his own core values.”

Mindset Coach

Helen | UK.

Senior Consultant Psychologist

I was a client of Dris on a 5-day mindset coaching course in August 2018. We shared interesting conversations on personality, belief systems, neuroplasticity and many more! He helped me to define my purpose, reflect on my values and beliefs and visualize the steps I can take to achieve my goal. It was interesting and worthwhile to explore these topics from a different perspective (coach rather than a psychologist), which was enlightening. I now have concrete steps I can take as I return to the “real world” to make my goal a reality. Thanks, Dris!

Rochelle | USA.

Senior Manager – Salesforce

I just spent 5 incredible days on the beautiful island of Bali for the intensive “Stretch” coaching retreat with Coach Dris. It was everything I had imagined…and more. I highly recommend this for anyone who is seeking out clarity and a reinvention of your career and life path. Having the 1:1 time with Dris was enlightening, empowering, and his methods really help you tap into areas of yourself you probably knew existed, but not quite sure how to unleash it. I laughed …I cried….and I left paradise with a whole new set of tools to harness my goals .
Can’t thank Dris enough for his soulful and compassionate insights!

sports psychology coaching

Jeroen | Netherlands

Co-Founder at Bloqhouse

I joined Dris for the 5-day retreat. For me, it was quite a big step, in every single way. Never been surfing before, never did yoga & even thinking about talking about my childhood and feelings felt even harder. I came to Bali with both physical and mental difficulties. Dris helped me first of all by making my stay in Bali from the start an amazing experience!

He seemed to be a perfect match to what I was looking for, straightforward communication, empowering, inspirational and he gave me the feeling of knowing each other for years.

He made me reconsider my beliefs and values, and how these are affecting both my personal life as my business. He empowered me to talk about feelings, about hidden frustrations, and about hidden beliefs. He showed me how to reach my goals, in a perfect compromise between confronting questions and accepting me as a person.

The retreat was a life-changing decision. Both physical, due to disciplined stretching, as mentally, due to the many eye-openers and handles he offered me, my life has changed enormously positive in line with my core values.

Mindset Coach Testimonials

Bettina | Switzerland

Business Manager

Being coached by Dris has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life although I never felt being under pressure. It is not often, in fact sometimes ever, that you can sit down and get completely present with yourself, and have someone be there to listen to everything you’re thinking and feeling.

And then in addition to just listening, help to equip you with the tools that you need to deal with the challenges life throws your way and work out what you really want and need from a situation. Dris coached me through a big decision I have made in my life so far, and it was because of his guidance and support that I felt I had the confidence to make this decision and feel confident that all will work out the way I want it and always feel balanced. I am a big step further and will continue to use what I have learned from my coaching.

I have found Dris professional, perceptive, practical and a real asset to my personal and business direction.

Ann Marie Mindset Coaching - Mindset Coach

Ann Marie | Denmark

International Medical Director

Dris has vastly exceeded my expectations of a coach. I truly feel I’m on a positive path forward. Dris’ compassion was palpable from my very first coaching session and it has only been reaffirmed with each subsequent session. Not only did I gain a deeper understanding of my disempowering beliefs and transformed them into empowering ones, Dris has provided me with a clear framework for manifesting and sustaining those empowering beliefs.

I have been impressed by his ability to listen with sharp focus and compassion, to discuss theoretical aspects and also to provide concrete tools and exercises aimed at achieving my goals. I greatly appreciate that he is very structured without being rigid. Dris has made a tremendous difference in helping me turn away from the painful past and instead focus on a fulfilling future with greater confidence and serenity.

Mindset Coach Testimonials10

Laura | Australia

Director at 3D Recruit

Dris responded to exactly what was needed in the order that it was needed, and in a way that made me feel completely comfortable and safe. I was able to be open with Dris quickly and had no fear of being judged. His levels of compassion and care are high, and I trusted I was in safe hands. Dris really wants to understand his clients, and is able to see your holistic self and the bigger picture. He also has a calming and grounding nature making him very easy to be around and open up to.

Dris has a clear method and strategy. It is evident he loves what he does, he really cares about his client’s development, and he is absolutely true to his own core values. He lives and breathes them, and I found that very inspiring. It made me want to learn from him. Dris will invest in supporting you to achieve what you want to… as long as you put in the work too.

Mindset Coach Testimonials7

Jord | Netherlands

CEO & Founder at Fanly 

Dris has a light touch and an easygoing manner but is ruthlessly focused on helping you discover and inhabit the life you want. His coaching offered discovery, structured techniques and lots of inspiration. I reconnected with pieces of myself, pieces that were hidden caused disempowering beliefs. The discovery and awareness really helped me to define empowering beliefs and to set and align goals with my core values.

Dris gave me the courage to break my own old patterns. Post-coaching, I feel braver and more confident in my ability to follow through on my intentions. These discoveries and the awareness of them has already brought value to my life and how I choose to move forward.

Wessam QNB Testimonial

Wessam | Qatar

Assistant Manager at QNB

Dris appeared in my life when I was in the middle of struggle in both my career and my personal life when you feel like all in suddenly turned against you without knowing the reason. Seeking for a professional coach to get over this helped me open my eyes to the bright side of the life.

Dris is very well educated, charismatic, and an amazing listener. He helped me get the change that I wanted to have. He challenges you all the time; you enjoy the journey with him. Dris loves does that’s why he gives all his attention and effort to help the clients to reach the goals whether in their personal life or their career life.

Louise | Sweden


I had coaching sessions with Dris. He is the perfect coach for me: Calm, focused, structured. It is clear from the very first meeting that he has a genuine interest to take you and your business to reach the highest potential. He has a straightforward communication which I appreciated. He shared loads of information, inspiration and experience on how to move on with my business.

My experience was very intense as Dris is extremely ambitious and takes the time to get to know you deeply. His coaching deal is value for money without a doubt. I would recommend anyone struggling in life or in their career to have Dris as their coach.

Mindset Coach Testimonials14

Stephanie | United States

Design Director

I reached out to Dris when I found myself in a difficult place both personally and professionally. I was putting so much energy into both, yet nothing seemed to be moving forward. I asked Dris if he could help me dissect the issue, to help me get to the root cause.

Through his thorough, balanced and insightful observation, he leads me to gain clear awareness of my current situation, define my goals and truly set me on a transformative path. He laid out the tools I needed to rediscover the confidence within myself to achieve my goals.

Mindset Coach Testimonials12

Lisa | New Zealand

CEO/Founder at Fresh Produce Marketing

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dris. I found him to be exceptional. His methodology is clear, effective and if you want to instigate change in your life, he is a supportive and helpful coach.

The personality assessment was very insightful and the Belief work was a game changer for me personally. Dris is a warm, kind, caring soul and perfectly suited to be a supportive and challenging coach. I highly recommend his services.

Mindset Coach Testimonials3

Gio | Italy


I was intrigued by the idea of speaking to a coach. Dris came at the right time in my life. We began with an intense path of self-discovery.Dris was able to assess my life and career situation in a clear and linear way. I was impressed by his constructive attitude toward the different issues that came up within the process. The tangled and confused mass of thoughts, ideas, messy plans, and fears I had in my head, untangled and became clear, organized, vivid and much simpler to observe and approach.

Dris helped me to gain back my confidence, giving me all the necessary tools to put myself back on the right track with energy and motivation. I am amazed to see how much he was able to do in such a short time. Thank you Dris, I could not have done this without your help!

Mindset Coach Testimonials4

Hasina | United Kingdom

Fashion Designer

Dris has always struck me is his intelligent outlook on life, his open-mindedness, and his drive to constantly grow and create a meaningful life for himself. So when I found myself going through a rough time both professionally and personally, he was the first person I thought about to help me make sense of my difficult situation and hopefully find solutions.

I knew he was qualified as Mindset Coach and that those particular skills would help, but what I was looking for was an authentic and honest conversation with a friend. Very naturally, he created an exchange where I felt safe to be vulnerable and share some of my deepest worries, without fear of judgment. All the while, without me, noticing, but with a clear methodology, he was asking specific questions that helped to identify, not only the challenges I was going through but more importantly, the reasons why they affected me so much. I gained a better understanding of how different areas of life – from relationships to work, health, and environment – have an impact and how working on one can rebalance the others. That afternoon, I went from feeling completely stuck to seeing a path and concrete steps to make improvements in my life. It is exciting to see how in such a short time I feel re-energised and ready to move forward. I’m very grateful for Dris’ help!

Mindset Coach Testimonials 2

Christofer | Sweden

Business Controller

Working with Dris was a very good experience. During our continuous coaching sessions, Dris encouraged me to describe and to map out my situation. After we finished the starter package we were able to dive to executing a step by step plan to reach my objectives. My plan was divided by milestones an each milestone had a reward and a challenge.

He is straight forward and clear with his methodology. He is a life Strategist.

Mindset Coach Testimonials13

Oussama | Morocco

Creative Director

I started working with Dris for professional and personal development. Besides being friendly and professional, Dris takes the time to fully understand one’s personality, ambition, feelings, and struggles. He helped me become aware of my obstacles (or what I set upon myself as such), and turn them into positive drivers. Our program is ongoing and is very helpful.

Mindset Coach 2

Alicia | Belgium

Director at Latitude lifestyle

Dris picked me up when I couldn’t see clearly as I was too close to my business and couldn’t find a way around certain aspects. They were clear as day but it took someone level headed and calm to show me things I would have never thought of in terms of system implementation and moving forward without hitting burn out stage.

Not sure where I would be without his guidance – I would either be burying my company and running for the hills or burying myself from stress.

Mindset Coach 1

Adil | France


Dris a su objecter ma conscience d’une façon logique, claire et cohérente avec des explications fondées, basés sur l’écoute et la compréhension d’abord, il a su mettre en evidence des craintes cachés, et les atténuer par un méthodologie de “self-motivation”, tout en allant à l’essentiel.

Mindset Coach Testimonials Juli

Juli | Germany

CRM & Marketing Manager

Working with Dris means the perfect balance between a fun, positive and inspiring atmosphere while providing hands-on tools that really helped me to initiate sustainable change. I wholeheartedly recommend Dris.

Mindset Coach Testimonials15

Teet | Estonia

Hospitality Director

My coaching sessions with Dris were all awesome and eye-opening experiences. Dris guides you through the process professionally and a lot of times you get the feeling you’re observing and analysing yourself from a distance, and he’s just there to help.

I had many “aha” moments during and after the sessions. I can’t thank him enough for the work we did which help me in reaching my objectives in many areas of my life.

Coach Dris

Tim | Netherlands

Director at Progressive Recruitment

Before to meed Dris, I was stressed and exhausted. Today I’m calm, relaxed and full of joy! I was able to redefine my goals and set a clear plan with objectives. This coaching was exactly what I needed!

Mindset Coach Testimonials11

Leila | Paris

Founder CEO at BlissYou.fr

J’ai consulté Dris à une période charnière de ma vie d’entrepreneur et personnelle, je l’ai choisi pour son profil : entrepreneur et les outils de coaching qu’il propose, axés sur le bien-être, les valeurs et la recherche de sa singularité.
J’ai beaucoup apprécié sa disponibilité, la qualité de son écoute, Dris n’oublie rien, et il a une capacité à recontextualiser les choses pour nous.

Il est souple et laisse toujours une grande liberté d’action et d’ajustement. Son regard est très sensible, j’ai eu l’impression d’être accompagnée dans la justesse de moi-même et un grand respect. L’efficacité de son coaching réside dans sa capacité à nous laisser venir à nous, dans le temps et la discipline, les routines et l’art du “care”. Pour prendre un nouveau départ sans effacer le passé et se laisser dépasser par les obstacles, Dris vous mets sur le chemin de manière organique et consciente. Merci Dris.

Mindset Coach Testimonials5

Heigo | Estonia

Film Producer

Dris is coaching is very methodical. He is easy to talk with and creates a safe space. We could talk about the world economy or about the source of life and he’d connect everything to a strategic plan to set my life moving in the desired direction.

The areas of my life were laid out on a map where I could see which parts I need to focus on. I got tools that I can use to empower myself and drive my life and business to the next level.

Mindset Coach Testimonials9

Julia | Sweden


It was very nice to work with Dris. I could feel very relaxed as if I was talking to my best friend. I felt inspired for the whole week after each meeting we had and I could feel that Dris really wanted to understand and help me, and he really gave me the help I needed. I would totally recommend Dris to my friends.

Mindset Coach Testimonials6

Jesse | Australia

Real Estate Agent

If you have had the thought of working with a coach I personally could not recommend Dris enough!

I instantly felt comfortable communicating with Dris and felt he was tailoring a plan to work with my needs.
After only a few sessions, I felt more clear and confident about my future path! Thank you very much Dris it was a pleasure to have met you.

Fleur Rubingh Coaching

Fleur | Netherlands

Art Director

Dris is a very devoted and inspiring coach. He guided me to make changes within myself and my life, set new goals, take down my own barriers and was able to approach my conflicts with honesty and clearity. My new state of mind and self-awareness wouldn’t be a possibility if it wasn’t for him.