March 2019


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Knowing what you value and what’s important to you can give you a significant motivation boost to pursue your dreams, face your fears, and overcome challenges. Before we diving in, it’s important to dispel a few common misconceptions about finding your Why: . You don’t need to be religious or spiritual to have a Why.. [...]


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Learn the importance of gaining self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills to improve your Emotional Intelligence. Learn how to understand the emotions of others as well as your own to be a good team player and leader.


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Without objectives, you are less likely to achieve the changes you want. People who consistently achieve success in life have a specific structure in their thinking. Learn the specific thinking structure that will lead you to consistently achieve your goals. This process envisages various conditions and different dimensions of a goal and its results before [...]


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Are you a designer, creative director or accountant? No matter your role, remember that this is simply a job title — not a summation of your skills. Identify the skills that led you to become who you are today.


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Improve self-awareness, Identify the mental blockages and learn how to equip yourself with the right mindset. Changing or improving your situation is strongly depending on your internal computation and your emotional state. Gaining awareness is the first step to making that change.

February 2019


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Knowing what you value in being in water sports activity, can give you a significant motivation boost to practice harder, face your challenges, and improve your practice. Before we dive-in, here are a few important points about Motivation:. Motivation isn't something we get from the outside. It comes from within.. No one can motivate you [...]


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Becoming more confident in the ocean requires preparation that happens months, weeks, and up to the last few minutes before going in the water. However, it is completely normal for the anxiety to intensify especially on the few hours before the event. The good news is, there are mental and physical strategies that you can [...]


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One of the most critical mental skills is Focus. Being able to be in the moment can help you stay calm in stressful situations. Our mind starts racing when we feel stressed or threatened by a situation. Breathing and Mindfulness exercises can help you calm your mind. In this class your will learn:. The science [...]


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Confidence is critical to keep you pressing ahead when the going gets tough. As your self-confidence increases, your anxiety reduces, and it becomes easier to perform well under pressure. In fact, several studies have demonstrated that people with higher confidence perform better, work harder, persist longer and even consider themselves smarter and more attractive than their [...]


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All goals require patience and dedication in order to be fully mastered. Ultimately, it is your commitment to the process and the ammount of practice that will determine your progress. More importantly, your thinking structure is what will lead you to achieve your goal.  People who consistently achieve success have been using a specific thinking [...]