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The mindset and performance online course will teach you the framework to redesign your future, to be more successful, happier, and fulfilled. This course is dedicated to my friends, clients, and everyone else who is on the path of meaningful and purposeful living. And that could be you, mister, or misses ordinary, as well as you, the professional athletes and the business founders who are striving to achieve and reach the best out of their sporting or business careers. And everyone else in between who is still looking for their way to do better, become better, improve, serve and enjoy this rich and beautiful life.

– Coach Dris

In these online classes, you will learn:

  • How to gain awareness, look at your blind spots, and identify the areas of your life that are slowing you down so that you can improve them.
  • How to identify your core values and how these play a huge role in guiding your important decisions and directly impact your level of success and satisfaction in life.
  • How to improve your thought processing and let go of your limiting beliefs to equip yourself with the right mindset.
  • A proven process to set achievable goals where you engage your conscious and unconscious mind.
  • How to boost your confidence and improve your emotional intelligence.
  • How to stay focused, committed, and motivated to pursue your dreams and achieve your objectives.
  • How to calm your mind, soothe your nervous system, and strengthen your mind.
  • How to improve your communication skills to have healthy, compassionate, and conflict-free relationships.
  • How to improve your general performance
  • How to set-up good morning routines
  • How to manage time effectively to create a work-life balance.

What’s included:

  • Access to the course platform
  • Executive course summaries
  • Practical exercises
  • Educational and inspiring videos
  • Membership to a thriving community
  • Yoga and meditation videos
  • Full MBTI personality profile assessment 

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