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The retreat is geared towards young athletes who have plateaued and want to break through to the next level in order to maximize their potential. Athletes who have the will and desire to learn how to be the best.


It is a common misconception that becoming a great athlete means only having great physique and technique.

Knowing how to reach a top performance in professional sports competition can be challenging. Distractions, unplanned circumstances, lack of strategy, and injuries may hold back athletes from reaching high levels in their career. This is where our training camp will play an important role in showing them how to maximize their potential.

In this one week program, we show young athletes what it takes to become champions. We break it down into workshops and training programs where we share tools, resources, strategies and the activities that will help them become complete professionals in all levels, in regards to their responsibilities and career goals, personal conduct, and public image.

Our program is holistic, covering all the critical areas of athletes professional development. We will hold training on mindset, nutrition, business and marketing, anatomy, mental and physical strength, stress management tools, time and priority management, self-awareness, goal setting and recovery practices.


The schedule changes slightly from day to day, but each day’s agenda will be similar to the following:

  • 6 am wake up and morning routines
  • 7 am fitness
  • 9 am breakfast
  • 10 am class
  • 12.30 pm lunch
  • 1.30 pm individual consultations
  • 4.30 pm recovery practices
  • 6.30 pm dinner
  • 8.30 pm workshops and activities


  1. Career development
  2. Mental skills
  3. Physical advancement
  4. Nutrition


Career development

  • Goal setting
  • Training schedule
  • Public image
  • Negotiation skills
  • Career skills – plan and study topics
  • Professional presentation
  • Social media

Mental skills

  • How to develop a winning mindset
  • How to stay motivated
  • How to remain committed to long and short-term goals
  • How to develop and foster people skills through communication
  • How to control negative Self-talk
  • How to improve training with mental imagery
  • How to deal with anxiety and stress
  • Dealing with failure and strong emotions
  • How to improve general performance

Physical advancement

  • Training guidance
  • Training sessions
  • Recovery practices


  • Performance and recovery nutrition course
  • Private consultations

The price is inclusive of 6 nights accommodation, transportation, 3 meals per day and all the training classes and activities.


The luxurious tropical villa, located in Berewa, is set in its own private gardens with a swimming pool, sun deck, lotus ponds, and myriad quiet corners. The villa boasts hi-tech facilities including iPod docks and home theatre systems as well as a private gym, sauna, and massage room.


There are no secrets to getting good results in sports. The athlete’s mindset plays a significant role in his performance. The whole idea behind this training is to deconstruct the habits that led people to their success, to learn from their experience and understand the psychology behind their actions and behavior. During the mindset training sessions, we will dig into the guiding principles of human behavior and learn how to hack your mindset to improve your results.


Yoga is a great way to enhance your performance and prevent injury. Our well-rounded yoga classes include flexibility training, strengthening, core stabilization, and balance exercises. By adding yoga to your training plan, you will be able to work on tight areas that might hinder performance, improve range of motion and speed up recovery time. Yoga can also help you develop mental focus and achieve deep relaxation, which in turn supports you in performing at your best during training and competition.


One of the main keys to athletic success is having a good fitness foundation. Our fitness training sessions are designed not only to make you sweat but to teach you the proper way of athlete’s training. From warm-up, activation drills to strength, conditioning, and mobility exercises; the classes are a combination of teaching and practicing. Our high-level fitness instructors will make sure to teach you how to exercises regardless of the sports that you are practicing.


In order for your body to work properly, a healthy and balanced diet is key. Especially for athletes, it is important to have a steady supply of all essential nutrients. Not only does a wholesome diet help in achieving peak performance, but it also supports your body in recovering faster from intense training and competition. During our nutrition courses, you will learn what the ideal diet for athletes looks like and how to implement simple dietary strategies to make your body work at its best. If you want to dive even deeper, our one-on-one consultations will help you to work on your individual dietary needs.


Surfing has a lot to teach us in and outside the water. The lessons we can learn from being in the sea can have tremendous results in our personality and outlook on life. Surfing can teach us humility, resilience, and patience. Being in the water is therapy for itself. Whether it is your first time on a surfboard or if you are a confirmed practitioner, our experienced surf instructors will be there to make sure to have the best time of your life.


Muay Thai is both an aerobic and anaerobic intense workout. Despite hundreds of diverse techniques known in Muay Thai, it stays simple to learn. Mainly, the most appealing thing about martial arts is that it toughens the mind, spirit, and body. The practice of martial arts instills excellent qualities and skills such as courage, humility and discipline and the ability to stay focused in situations of huge stress and pain. There are lessons in the practice of martial arts that athletes can implement in their training.


Broad knowledge of anatomy can give a significant advantage for a professional athlete. It is crucial to understand the body mechanics if one wants to improve his body. Because anatomy is a very extensive science, this workshop will introduce you to specific sections and branches of this diverse discipline which are the most related to sports performance, for example, kinesiology.  Topics such as the structure of muscles, joints, and skeleton, functions of hormones and endocrine system, are covered to understand the real value of quality stretch, warm up, nutrition, massage, and manual therapies. Furthermore, discussion on the influence of psychology on physical functioning, the disclosure of the term of psychosomatic, makes the holistic approach of “body – mind – spirit” clear and scientifically based.


Stress plus rest equals growth. This is the formula of peak performance. In fact, besides the fact that recovery practices can help you avoid injuries, knowing how to rest can make the difference between an athlete and another. Ice bath, sauna, yin yoga and more, we base our recovery practices on exercises that will give you the rest that is highly needed to be able to push harder in your next training session.


This workshop covers the business and marketing strategies that an athlete needs to succeed: branding, marketing, and social media, smart financial investment strategies and tax implications, and exploring and developing their other interests. Using an athlete’s values and personal story, we will show him how to set and execute goals, create an attractive and on point bio for sponsors, and use social media for marketing. Most importantly, we will teach him how to budget, and use financial investments and strategize for maximum capital growth.


The head team comprises of a mindset and performance coach, a business and marketing specialist, and a professional bodyworker. Each one is specialized in his own field and when united, provide the athletes with a complete mind – body – soul program. They are supported by a team of nutritionists, yogists, fitness and sports trainers, and an expert in the field of breathing techniques. Each member of the formidable team brings a unique element to the retreat due to their multi-cultural backgrounds, global professional experiences, and international travels.