What are your Values?

What are your Values?

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Values are like a Life Compass; they represent a significant part of who we are.

For example, If you are not satisfied in a relationship, not content about your job situation, or dislike the place you live in, it is most probably because you are not meeting one or many of your values.

Let’s say that your values are Communication, Freedom, Togetherness, Peace, and Happiness¬†and that your relationship is suffering because you are very busy at work, and you don’t do any fun things together with your partner; here you are not living up to your value of Togetherness.
At work, you feel frustrated because your boss is doing a lot of micro-management on you, and there is a major problem¬†of communication at the office; here your values of Freedom andCommunications are not met. At home, your new neighbors are very loud; you can’t sleep at night, so you don’t feel at Peace in your place.

You can be unsure about committing to a new relationship; that’s perhaps because unconsciously you do not feel like you will have enough Freedom in it.

You got it; by finding out what your values are, you can use them as a guide to make choices easier in any situation. Some of the life’s decisions are really about determining what you value the most.

So what are your Values?

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