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In the starter package, we will work together to achieve the best results for you. How you move forward in your life will come down to you, and will come down to your actions.  The support we can provide for you, based on our chemistry, will be the determining factor in a long-term commitment between us. As you know, we are not always for everybody, and everybody is not for us.

By that we mean, we only work with people who are truly committed to shifting something (or some things) that truly matters to them. So if you are someone who is committed to making changes in your life, career, circumstances or relationships, we will make a difference. This two-week program allows us both to make sure this is a great fit, such that we can make that difference in the best way possible for you.

Package description

This package will help you hit reset on an area of your life that’s causing you stress. Gain the awareness you need to deal with pressing issues and determine the best way to proceed.

Experience a complete transformation and re-balancing. Sessions will examine personality profile, values, and limiting beliefs and fears. You’ll learn problem-solving, step-by-step goal setting, and tools to feel happier and more productive.


  • Gain clarity and self-awareness
  • Remove limitations, limiting beliefs and obstacles
  • Design goals
  • Become more pro-active
  • Become more resourceful and able to access positive emotional states


  • 2 to 3 call sessions per week of 50-80 min
  • 5 coaching sessions
  • 1 emergency quick call/week if needed
  • Texting questions or sharing feelings etc. as much as needed
  • Weekly reminders of milestone challenges
  • Close follow-up, coaching and NLP interventions
  • Free tools and video that are relative to the weekly subjects and challenges
  • 1 free 6th follow-up session


  • Session 1: We will identify your core values that guide most of your decisions
  • Session 2: We will discuss your fears and your beliefs that are holding your back
  • Session 3: We will find out more about your core skills, strengths and weaknesses through your personality profile
  • Session 4: We will map your desired outcome, what you need to achieve and the areas you need to work on in order to reach your highest potential
  • Session 5: We will elaborate a step-by-step plan to reach your goal

Starter package price (5 sessions) $450USD

Private one-on-one online or in-person coaching session to tackle the subject that you want.

Duration 50 to 80 min.

In positive psychology, flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.


While everybody is born to be a potential genius, most people never find or know how to release their full potential. Why not?

  • They may not know that it is possible for them.
  • They have a limiting belief: They believe they do not have the possibility of having a special potential.
  • They may think it is only possible for others.
  • They may be ruled by fear.
  • They may think it’s possible, but not know how to unleash their full potential.
  • They may have a dozen excuses for avoiding embracing this possibility.

Flow & Focus state is being fully present and completely engaged so that you have a laser-beam focus and all your resources available. And when you know the secrets of how to access this special Flow state, you will find that it is not that mysterious.

How do you know that you are in a flow state?

  • Are completely focused on the task at hand;
  • Forget about yourself, about others, about the world around you;
  • Lose track of time;
  • Feel happy and in control; and
  • Become creative and productive.

You Know Your Life Is Lacking Flow If…

  • You are finding it frequently hard to shut off your constant Inner Critic.
  • You spend most of your time not in the present, but elsewhere daydreaming or worrying about the past or the future.
  • You often run out of willpower and have a list of personal dreams and goals that never get any closer to reality.
  • You find yourself looking back on a time where you experienced Flow, and have been quietly sad to never experience that state again.
  • You distract yourself with social media, Netflix binges, shopping, porn, video games, substances in ways that leave you feeling even less satisfied than before.
  • It’s been way too long since you did something you really love.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

This training is designed to enable you to unleash your highest potential to achieve more in your life through learning how you can reach a flow state. You will be all engaged, you can be all there and experience peak experiences and take your skills and competencies to peak levels of performance, so that you can be fully present, in the moment, and enjoy having all your resources available.

I will introduce you to technics that will facilitate the access to your personal Flow. This state is also known as being in the zone or at your personal best and so gives you a practical way of stepping into the Flow state at will.

To attend this private one-on-one training there are no prerequisites except a passion for unleashing your potentials and actualizing your highest values and best visions.

Benefits from Flow & Focus state Training:

  • Expanded creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Unconditionally esteem yourself as a person beyond what you do.
  • Eliminate self-depreciating thoughts.
  • Eliminate old limiting beliefs.
  • Install new empowering beliefs.
  • Develop a good relationship to ideas as you eliminate semantic reactions to words and concepts and unplug your buttons.
  • Own your power for proactive response-ability.
  • Think outside the box with a new creativity. Step aside from the kind of thinking that creates problems.
  • Put more pleasure and joy in life via accessing your strategy of meta-level pleasuring.
  • Take an intentional stance with your highest objectives and values.
  • Develop a laser beam focus for a healthy genius state.
  • Graciously handle interruptions via discreet state shifting skills.
  • Discover the structure of personal mastery of the state of flow.
  • Make a commitment to your own professional and personal success by learning how to use you’re your own brain and manage the higher levels of your mind.
  • Discover how to manage your states and mood.
  • Experience how to take an intentional stance and make your everyday attentions serve your highest intentions.
  • Get your ego out of your way as you can tap into your gifts and passions. How? By framing yourself with unconditional self-esteem.
  • Align your best and highest frames so you can live, speak, and behave living with more focus, power, vitality, pleasure, and personal congruence.

This training includes:

  • 8 online private training sessions of 60min each, spread over 2 weeks.
  • Texting/emailing questions as much as needed.
  • Close follow-up of milestones.
  • NLP interventions.
  • Free tools and video
  • 1 free 9th follow-up session.

During our 30-minute intro session I’ll explain in more detail what coaching is and how it can help transform your life. We’ll discuss what particular challenges you’re facing and how we might work together to help you find balance and make a change.


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I offer an accepting and supportive Life Coaching environment face-to-face or remotely via Skype. Send me a message and let your journey begin.

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